Blog #19

The societal issue I am most passionate about is body image and the relationship it has with eating disorders. When girls are growing up they look up to people they see in movies, magazines, and even social media. Women are become public figures are almost always photo shopped to have unattainable body sizes. Even though there have been changes and women who are plus-sized are becoming models. There are still magazines that are practicing Photoshop and girls developing eating disorders.

My idea to solve this problem is to set guidelines when it comes to photoshopping a women’s body or show a disclaimer at the end so girls will know the images have been altered.


Blog #18

My Dog Scarlet

She’s my alarm clock on the weekend
She barks when she wants attention
She’s definitely a good friend
and always full of affection.

I’ll be a part of her whole life
and she’ll be a big part of mine.
Sometimes I’m not surprised
with what her brown nose can find.

She likes some of her squeaky toys close to her bed,
even though most of them are scattered all over my bed.
She has so many nicknames and the list is long,
She’s my baby, she’s my little girl, but most importantly she’s my dog.


Blog #17 Best takeaways from the speakers

Takeaways for Press Release

  • Have the right contact list that is updated.
  • Put social media handles on your press release.
  • The press release should include the 5 w’s in the first sentence/paragraph.

Takeaways for Media Advisories 

  • Look at different perspectives (put yourself in the journalist’s shoes.)
  • The Media Advisory must be grabby.
  • You can spend more time on photo and photo captions to send to the media.

On Facebook and Twitter

  • It’s important to know your brand voice.
  • Find a conversation when using social media.
  • Social media is a good way to get your press release out.
  • Posts should be consistent.

Other takeaways

  • When writing prepared remarks you should include taking points.
  • When you are writing a pitch letter it is important to know the media outlet you are sending it to.

Blog #16

  1.  I want to be like Audrey Hepburn because she was very compassionate. She also had class and charm.
  2. I want to be like Marilyn Monroe because although she wasn’t perfect she was determined to always improve herself and her acting.
  3. I want to be more like my mother Irene because she was very empathetic.
  4. I also want to be like Mindy Kaling because she has accomplished so much as actor and a writer. Plus she’s a great feminist role model. (:

Blog #15 Acrostic Poem

There was always something from old films and television shows that caught my eye.
Holly Golightly and her obsession with Tiffany’s.
Even Lucille Ball’s hilarious facial expressions that were made at just the right time.
Ricky Ricardo muttering Spanish words after Lucy made a mistake. 
Even Dick Van Dike saying the best punch line.
Slipping and falling made Jerry Lewis undeniably funny.
All of these actors and shows made me fall in love with the 50s and 60s.

Rarely do I ever not wish I lived back in that time.
enjoy listening to Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra.
Oh, and in the 1960s when the Beatles were in their prime!
Just the sound of Bing Cosby’s voice relaxes me.
Although I was born in the 90s, I’m still an old soul.
Someone who enjoys classic musicals and black and white TV.

Blog #14 Baseball

I hate baseball. I hate all sports. This is all because of how I grew up. When I was young I would spend my sundays watching Star Trek reruns with my dad while eating a delectable grilled cheese sandwhich. I would spend more time watching the Syfy channel than ESPN. I would definitely would choose Flash Gordon over a movie like Fever Pitch although I do enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon.  I guess my family is more pop culture than sport culture but I wouldn’t have it any other way.