Blog #17 Best takeaways from the speakers

Takeaways for Press Release

  • Have the right contact list that is updated.
  • Put social media handles on your press release.
  • The press release should include the 5 w’s in the first sentence/paragraph.

Takeaways for Media Advisories 

  • Look at different perspectives (put yourself in the journalist’s shoes.)
  • The Media Advisory must be grabby.
  • You can spend more time on photo and photo captions to send to the media.

On Facebook and Twitter

  • It’s important to know your brand voice.
  • Find a conversation when using social media.
  • Social media is a good way to get your press release out.
  • Posts should be consistent.

Other takeaways

  • When writing prepared remarks you should include taking points.
  • When you are writing a pitch letter it is important to know the media outlet you are sending it to.

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