Blog #3 “Most Interesting Person in the World.”

I would be a good candidate for “The Most Interesting Person in the World!” because I’m very passionate when it comes to music. I like to guess the song name, artist, and album of the songs I listen to. I also know most of the lyrics in the song and sometimes I annoy my friends when they try to turn the radio station to get me to stop singing but it usually doesn’t work. Before I started Fresno State, I wanted to sing. Although I haven’t chosen that as a career, I still sing in the shower and the car. I know that music not only entertains but it’s so relatable that it helps ease any sort of pain as well as express happiness.

I think I would also be a good candidate because I value relationships with people. Without people we would be lonely and our career’s would go nowhere. I have always liked meeting new people and getting to know them. Every person has a very distinct story and obstacles they have had to overcome. Also friends and family are sometimes what gets you through the day. They help you out when you need advice or if you need references for a job. Also relationships with people I work with I enjoy spending time with at the office. Since my time there we have really become a team and worked together to accomplish great things. I know from that internship that I will walk away with great references and also great memories.


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