Blog #2 Writing

As a Public Relations major and an English minor writing is basically like breathing. It is and will always be something that is natural to me. Although writing is one of my favorite things to do, I still have my weaknesses and strengths. My weaknesses are definitely elaborating on something I can easily say in one sentence. Another weakness of mine is not taking time on my work. I like to get things done right away and sometimes quality is better than quantity. One of my strengths in writing is definitely getting the work done. I love to write so if I have an essay it’s not a chore. I am also really good at coming up with ideas to write about. That’s one of the reasons why I am a English minor. As a preteen I enjoyed writing fiction and non-fiction. I have also taken classes at Fresno State on both genres and have enjoyed creating work of my own.

As a writer I always go through a process. The first thing I do when I am given a writing assignment I basically write the worst work, then I start to reconstruct and add to it. As long as I get the major points down on a word document, I’m good.


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